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Well, we heard from the President last night. My conversation with Kevin at Voter Vault is continuing. He had a good response to the comment that I pasted here yesterday. Good stuff. I'm not pasting today, so you'll have to go there and read it if… more »

Escalation in Iraq

By all accounts, President Bush is going to announce his plan tonight to send more troops to Iraq. I feel fairly strongly that this is a terrible idea. I wrote this as a comment to a post at Voter Vault, but I'm reposting it here with a few more… more »

Best. SecDef. Ever.

In his regard for our people in uniform, in his unwavering strength through unprecedented challenges, in his example of leadership and patriotic service, I believe the record speaks for itself: Don Rumsfeld is the finest Secretary of Defense this nation… more »

Appeal for Redress

I'm currently reading The Greatest Story Ever Sold by Frank Rich. It's a collection of all the mistakes, spin, half-truths and outright deceptions of the Bush administration. I remember hearing about a lot of this when it happened, but now that I see… more »

Comic Vine

Comic Vine has a database of thousands of super heroes, cataloged by their powers. So, if you've ever wondered who was tops in a particular super power, this site can tell you. It's also a wiki, so if you see a gap or a mistake, just click Edit and… more »

This American Life

NPR radio show This American Life is now available as a free podcast. I've been wanting to listen to it for a while and I'm really enjoying it now that I can hear it on my commute. Other podcasts on my iPod: Battlestar Gallactica - Instant DVD… more »

Force Quit

Rumsfeld Resignation Summarized as a Mac OS X Screenshot: via Boing Boing and Digg more »

Election Day

The polls will be opening up in just over 12 hours. I hope everyone remembers to vote tomorrow. I want to specifically mention the Missouri race for US Senate. Very often it feels like one vote doesn't make much difference, but this is turning into a… more »

3 Steps to Better Democracy

Elections have been on my mind a lot lately, especially ways to improve them. Here are three reforms that could go a long way toward making our Democracy work better. 1. Instant-Runoff Voting - Builds consensus and gives third party candidates a… more »

Talent for Deception

Nonpartisan political watchdog site, has released a report saying that several of Jim Talent's ads are "misleading" and "deceive voters." In four separate TV spots Republican Sen. Jim Talent of Missouri falsely attributes several… more »

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