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Credit Card Prank.

10/26/05 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

The Credit Card Prank
The Credit Card Prank Part II

This guy was able to sign his credit card receipts in all kinds of crazy ways, because nobody ever checks the signature. Does that make you feel safe?



Haha, I saw this for the first time sometime last week. Madness. How the hell does no one say anything when you sign your recepit Shamu, and you draw a whale?

[Member]  10/26/05 @ 19:18

That’s a great read D, the grand finale of Experiment 2 is brilliant. I like to sign bogus signatures too, but never quite like that. Fuh-nee!

Jared [Visitor]http://www.xanga.com/jaredjared10/26/05 @ 23:33

That entire website is a veritable goldmine of hilarity.

[Member]  10/28/05 @ 15:18

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