Category: "b2evolution"

Adrian Chamber of commerce

My current web design project is a redesign of the Adrian, Missouri Chamber of Commerce site. They contacted me to have me keep the site updated for them, but I told them that I thought it needed to be totally redesigned. It was done in FrontPage and… more »

LiveJournal importer for b2evolution

Purpose b2evolution already has methods for importing blog posts from Wordpress, b2/cafelog and Movable Type. I've modified the Movable Type importer to create a LiveJournal importer. Installation Requires b2evolution 0.9.x or later Download this… more »

Software and Tools

I've been doing some web design work with a new company called AstonishMe! I'm working with a couple of very bright programmers/designers who are active in the b2evolution forums. Last week I completed my first custom page design for the company. I… more »

b2evolution Plugins

YouTube plugin - Insert hosted videos into a blog post. b2media - Easily add images and links for Amazon products. Democracy Poll - Add a poll to your blog sidebar. Star Rating Plugin - Let users rate your posts by clicking on stars.… more »


Purpose This plugin gives you an easy way to add images and links for products to your posts. If you get an Amazon Associates ID and enter it in the plugin settings, then you earn a referral fee if someone clicks your link, then buys the… more »

Most Commented Posts plugin

This plugin has been replaced by Mini Stats. Purpose This plugin creates a section in your blog sidebar that lists the most commented posts on your blog. It's an easy way to keep track of your most popular/controversial posts. It may even lead to… more »

Bookmarklet 2 Plugin

Purpose Quickly blog about another webpage. This plugin automatically adds a link to the page into the body of your blog post. Installation Requires b2evolution 1.7 or later Download this file: _bookmarklet2.plugin.php.txt. Remove the .beta.txt… more »