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Test from Blogtk

If you're reading this, then I got BloGTK to work on my Linux computer. It's like w.bloggar, but more Linuxy. Earlier tonight I tried installing w.bloggar and Starcraft on my Ubuntu box using WINE, but I failed.

TiVo = Steroids

This device makes TiVo look like a dime-store trinket. But it's $2000 pricetag makes me want to apologize to my TiVo for saying that. 1200+ GB of storage, ethernet, DVD burner, drool.

No static IPs

I called SBC this morning to see if I could get a static IP address for my DSL. I figured it would be worth an extra $10-15 a month if it would let me get a domain name and start hosting some real sites on my linux box. I talked to 5 different people and finally got someone who could give me a straight answer. The slowest DSL package with static IPs costs $54 / month. That's almost $30 more than I'm paying now, and the connection would be slower than what I have now. He also said that these prices are not negotiable. I guess I'll keep working with what I've got.

Comments are back

Brendan and I worked on the website for a while this morning and comments are back. We renamed the commenting script and changed some things so it should be a little harder for spammers to find. So comment away. I think we're going to put up some Christmas decorations now.

Blog is fixed (sort of)

Sorry about the blog being down for a while. It's fixed now, but comments won't work. Sorry. We've been getting so much comment spam that our webhost suspended our account. We had to remove the script that controls comments, so if you have something to say, use the forums.


It looks like comments are broken again.

Ubunt = healed

I put the original video card back into my Ubunto computer and it fixed the frame lag problem I had. What's more, the ethernet card started working when I booted up. I'm trying to play a cd to see if my sound works. My cd didn't play, but I can record with my microphone and play sounds back. All three of my problems are fixed! Now to create some new ones.

Everything's happy undergound

I've got a Wordpress site set up here: I think it would make a good platform for an underground newspaper. If you want to learn more, go to the site, create an account and start using it.

Ubuntu is go

Last night I added some components to my parents' old computer and installed Ubuntu Linux. The installation went pretty well, but I do have a few problems. The most severe one is that the ethernet card is not working. It won't be much of a webserver without that. The light on the back of the card flashes on briefly about once every two seconds. Then a light on the ethernet switch flashes at the same time. In Ubuntu's configuration GUI I try to activate the card and after about two seconds the checkmark next to it just disappears. I've got another card I might swap in there. But that card was working just 2 hours earlier in Windows. Frustration!

My second problem isn't as bad as that, but it's still very annoying. When I'm logged into a desktop there's some kind of lag. The best way to describe it is that when I'm moving my mouse around in circles it will be smooth for 3-4 seconds and then it will freeze for about half a second. The same thing happens when I'm typing. It's like I'm not getting a very good framerate from my video card (which is one the components I swapped out).

My third problem is that I have no sound. I'm not too surprised since I've never had sound on my Fedora box.

If anyone has any ideas, especially about the ethernet problem, then I'd love to hear them.


Sorry if you couldn't post comments for a while. We were all locked out of the directory that keeps the important interactive files for the site. It looks like everything is working again now.

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