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This afternoon I played around with Blender a bit. It's a free and open source, cross-platform 3d modeling and animation program. I was able to follow this tutorial and make a simple model of a person. If you want to jump right into animation, check… more »

And you know this, man

I ripped the movie Friday to an iPod compatible file using HandBrake and Sara and I watched the first half of it on the tv connected to the iPod. Unlike the home movie that I tried before I could see no compression artifacts. It looked pristine to me.… more »

The pod

Santa Claus came to my house today, riding in a white FedEx truck. He brought me a small package that held my new toy, a white 60GB 5th generation iPod. I ordered it on Sunday afternoon and it arrived Tuesday at about noon. I just did the standard… more »

b2evolution story on Digg

My fellow users. Digg this, if you would: Phoenix Alpha released I want the word to get out about this software. I was going to post about it there at some point, but someone beat me to it. more »

Gizmo updated

Gizmo, the open source Skype replacement has been upgraded recently. I last tried it at 0.8 and I wasn't overly impressed. I remember some stability problems, especially. I just download the new version (1.2), so if anyone wants to try it out with… more »

Firefox 1.5

Firefox version 1.5 was released this afternoon. They have a new website:, but all the old urls still get you there. New features include automatic update, faster browsing navigation and drag and drop tag reordering. I've wanted that… more »

How to buy a computer

I'm giving a presentation at the Cass County Public Library in Archie this Thursday about buying a computer. It will be for the non-technical crowd, buying a computer for a kid or getting into computers for the first time. I'm hoping to help them sort… more »

Emma's games

Emma has been learning more about computers lately. She can handle a mouse and navigate through several different kids' websites, playing flash games and watching cartoons. She can also use bookmarks and the back button in the browser, which puts her… more »

b2evolution release nears completion

I haven't posted here recently because I've been trying to do my small part for the b2evolution project. I don't want to say too much, but the new release is getting very close. I've been running a test installation and working on getting some skins… more »

New skin: HappyBlog

I have a new skin published at HappyBlog As with the other skins I've done, there's very little original work. member LanVacation designed the original template and graciously gave permission for any use of the… more »

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