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Camino and Firefox tip

06/12/07 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech, Apple

I was already planning on posting this tip, but it's also relevant to Dave's question. He's right, Firefox's method for searching within a page is very nice. You type cmd+F (or ctrl+F on Windows) and a little bar appears at the bottom of the page. In Camino, as in most browsers, the search window appears on top of the page, sometimes getting in the way.

But instead of using cmd+F, try tapping the / key. They just start typing your search term. It will be found as you type. If the highlighted word is not what you want, push cmd+G to find the next instance. Even more useful: Tap the ' (single quote key) and you can find as you type, only this way your search is limited to links on the page. As soon as the link you want is highlighted, just press enter and you follow the link. Both of these tips work on Firefox and Camino.

This provides another way to keep my hands on the keyboard, which I can operate more quickly and comfortably than a mouse. It would be even better if I could use cmd+Enter to open the link in a new tab. That works in Firefox but not Camino.

Update: This bug was first reported for Camino in 2002. Holy crap, can it be that hard to fix?



Funny, but I’ve always found the IE ‘Find on this page’ more powerful than FireFox’s.

For one thing, it’ll find terms that are outside of the current viewing area.



stk [Visitor]  http://randsco.com06/13/07 @ 02:21

Ummm… stk I don’t know if you are doing something wrong or what, but hitting control-F while in Firefox will find any term on the page whether it is in your viewing area or not.

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