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But I still love technology . . .

06/05/05 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech

I haven't been adding much to this site lately, but I have been doing some fun blogstuff. I volunteered to be a moderator at the b2evolution forums. I'm trying to learn more about this very nice blogging software and I'm answering other users' questions when I can. I want to get familiar with this software (and other database-driven web apps). I found a good book about PHP and MySQL: Build your own Database Driven Website using PHP & MySQL by Kevin Yank. The first four chapters are available for free online. I went through them and learned quite a bit. I used what I learned to write some very simple blog software from scratch. Go ahead and try it out. Click on the admin link at the bottom and submit a post to see how it works. I want to buy that book so I can learn some more, but I need to pass the CompTIA Network+ certification exam before the end of the month. The bank sent me to night classes for two weeks to prepare for this. Starting in July the new exam will replace the old one and I'll have to prepare all over again. So, I'm going to get ready and take the exam. Once I pass it I'm going to get the PHP book as my reward.

Update: If you're interested in my PHP project, then you can find the source code here and here. Feel free to download it and modify it.


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