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Build your own

12/01/05 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

Last night while I was posting obituaries on AdrianJournal.com I started thinking about how expensive a funeral is. I think the casket itself can get into the thousands pretty easily. All that for a box you see for a few hours then bury in the ground. I would rather be put in a simple, cheap pine box. (Even that could cost almost a grand.) Then my family can spend that money on something better. Then, as I typed along, my thoughts turned to the funeral home people. They probably make it very hard to get anything but an expensive coffin. I'm sure they would give a guilt trip on anyone who didn't lay down cash for the best stuff. Then, for some reason, I wondered if people ever make their own casket. Sort of a morbid project, yes, but no one could deny burying you in the one you custom made for that special day. I did a quick search to see if there would be help for such a project. Internet, you didn't let me down.

About.com has some info and links
Some kits and plans
Even BobVila.com has some help
DIY funeral tips from the BBC

I don't think I'll be undertaking a project like this, but it's good to know that the internet has this information.



I’d go for just a tarp and some duct tape. Why use a wood box that will rot? Oh, and some treated lumber for a cross as a tombstone. Etch it with a chisel. Dig a hole next to Junior’s hamster in the back yard and throw me in. Think of the savings!

Josh H [Visitor]12/01/05 @ 11:12

I wanna be cremated. (I think that is cheaper, but I am not sure)

I hate how expensive it is to die.

[Member]  http://hundiejo.com12/01/05 @ 11:43

Hell, I don’t even think I want a tombstone or the ashes kept anywhere.

But, the real reason I posted this comment is because of the pun. Nice one.

[Member]  http://hundiejo.com12/01/05 @ 11:46

You could do what my brilliant and selfless wife has done, and declare that you want to donate your body to science. That eliminates the whole problem.

As Erika says, “I won’t need my body after I’m gone. Somebody may as well get some use out of it.”

[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/kyle12/01/05 @ 19:53

nice info. I have thought the same.

nathan [Visitor]http://nairnsnews.blogspot.com12/05/05 @ 17:26

When a friend burried her dad a number of years ago, they went to the local menonite community for a plain wood coffin.

My dad, inspired by the song below from a Lawrence, Kansas bluegrass band, just wants to be set out on the curb.


[Member]  12/07/05 @ 09:12

you are cool man when i first saw you show on T.V.

dale [Visitor]  10/13/07 @ 13:20


ERICK ROTH [Visitor]02/09/08 @ 11:35

I was also thinking of making your own, i think its a great idea they want 3 grand just to wash you off.thats a big rip off.

lessa lester [Visitor]03/25/08 @ 05:59

If you were a hobbyist woodworker, could you build your own coffin? What better way to show off your work and give everyone something to talk about. Now a days people are all trying to impress each others with what they can buy with cash or credit which they can or can’t afford. We have lost the value of true craftsmanship. Just a thought my husband had. He wants everyone to admire his mitered corners.

Lynn [Visitor]http://www.stitchshoppe.com05/21/08 @ 19:37

haha…lotta funny answers here…i would wanna be creamated as well

Kali [Visitor]http://kalireview.com/WoodworkPlans/02/24/10 @ 09:08

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