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b2evolution skins site

10/03/06 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech, b2evolution

We've been talking about updating it for several weeks, but I finally decided to tackle the b2evolution skins directory. I upgraded it to the latest version, applied Francois' new site design, then I replaced the old text navigation system with a screenshot from each skin. It's also much easier to search. (Type Danny in the search bar to see the skins I've submitted). And you can sort by columns and colors. Finally I installed my star rating plugin, to which I added a nice notice popup with a pretty fade. Try it out by clicking the stars to submit a rating. We have 37 skins at the moment, but I'd like to see that get up over 100. (Yes, Dave and Henry, I'm looking at you.) There are links on the skins site for how to create and submit a skin. Open Source Web Design and Open Web Design provide some free designs that you can start with. Just follow these steps to turn the design into an evoskin.

At any rate, I'd like to hear what you think of the new skins site.



Danny…that looks great!

I will have to work on some skins to submit.

dave [Visitor]  http://www.mindfulmission.com10/04/06 @ 09:46

The plugin site looks indeed great.
Thanks for taking care of it.

dAniel hAhler [Visitor]  http://daniel.hahler.de/11/19/06 @ 18:35

looks awesome!

Nazcar [Visitor]http://www.nazcarpine.com11/21/08 @ 18:49


ฉัน [Visitor]02/15/09 @ 19:49

Hello Danny,

I am a happy user of Pixelgreen. Thank you so much for creating that skin.

Now I would like to replace headerphoto.jpg with my Flash file. I have asked around on b2evo forum how to do it but nobody seems to know. I was wondering if you could help me since you are the author of Pixelgreen. Please advise! Thank you very much!
Irina Geller

Irina Geller [Visitor]  http://www.l10ngettogether.com/03/11/09 @ 14:23

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