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a quiz

01/12/04 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

I'll give a $10 iTunes certificate to the first one to tell me the name of the person who wrote this poem.


Beams of the dawn at the angel
with a calm, silent sea
with a hundred times we write,
with a chance we can open up
a steady rhythm in his face
silent room
desolate beach,
Scattering remains of love.



Ray Kurzweil’s Poetry program

dave [Visitor]http://hippydave.brendoman.com01/12/04 @ 16:12



Tim [Visitor]01/12/04 @ 16:42

Dude…are you counting posts on your other blog???

Brandon [Visitor]01/12/04 @ 17:31

hehehehe…just kidding, yo.

Brandon [Visitor]01/12/04 @ 17:34

was it you, you dork? or sara? this isn’t funny, i need that certificate, you got me hooked

Mike [Visitor]01/12/04 @ 18:31

Meet my brother, Mike. He’s hooked on iTunes. The first 10 tracks are free, but then they get you. Next you’ll be buying an iPod, or (if you’re addicted beyond all reason) an iPod Mini. Beware!

danny [Visitor]http://danny.brendoman.com01/12/04 @ 19:53

Can I win, even though you told me?

brendoman [Visitor]http://brendoman.com01/12/04 @ 21:09

Dave only got it cuz he googled it… you weener.
hey, if this was a socialist blog universe you’d be forced to share your $$$ with all of us. ;) doh.

gringo [Visitor]http://www.whoisgringo.brendoman.com01/12/04 @ 21:42

Hah , I didn’t notice that Dave got it right! Give the man the gift certificate!

brendoman [Visitor]http://brendoman.com01/12/04 @ 22:44

you got to love search engines! :)

dave [Visitor]http://hippydave.brendoman.com01/13/04 @ 10:23

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