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A Film About Homosexuality and Christianity

01/13/09 | by [mail] | Categories: faith/skepticism

Is it possible to be a devoted Christian and an openly gay person? How do Christian families deal with the news that their child is gay when their church tells them that homosexuality is an abomination? These are some of the questions tackled in the documentary For The Bible Tells Me So. This award-winning film tells the stories of several families and how they were able to make peace between their religious beliefs and their love for their children. There are also interviews with religious scholars on both sides of the issue. Many scholars believe that the Bible, when interpreted correctly, does not condemn homosexual relationships.

The film is heartwarming and instructive. Although you hear from some Christian leaders who maintain that homosexuality is wrong and some that don't, in the end it's clear that the filmmaker sides with those who are more accepting. He shows the healing that comes to families who love and accept their gay children unconditionally. He also shows one family that was torn apart permanently because this religious belief came between a mother and a daughter.

Here's a trailer for the movie:

Here's a clip showing a little cartoon from the movie about whether homosexuality is a choice:

Millions of Christians and thousands of churches already welcome gay members. In my neck of the woods, churches are not so forward thinking. Many still believe that gay people must try to change their orientation by prayer and sheer force of will or that they must be celibate for the rest of their lives. I hope people watch this film and learn that there is a better way.



Kind of reminds me of a small group study I participated in that was created by Dan Kimball called “They Like Jesus but Not the Church". One segment was on homosexuality. It was heartbreaking to hear firsthand experiences of people who were not necessarily anti-Christian or anti-Jesus but wanted nothing to do with it because of their experiences with churches and churchgoers.

airtightnoodle [Visitor]http://airtightnoodle.wordpress.com01/25/09 @ 04:42

Weak brother, weak arguments. Talk about scripture, don’t waste time with secular arguments about why God screwed up in making “Adam and Eve” and not “Adam and Steve” We should love gays, but it is not loving them to help them with their psychosis of trying to justify their sinful behavior. (ps. even if there WERE any real evidence for the “born gay” theory, that wouldn’t change the fact that it is a sin. Just like an addictive personality though trust upon me by genetics and circumstances doesn’t make it OK for me to be an alcholic.) I love you, brother, I love your site and appreciate your thoughs. I hope you have a blessed day.

Brad [Visitor]http://www.agapestudy.com07/17/09 @ 13:44

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