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City council

Tonight I was sworn in as an Adrian city councilman. The mayor resigned a few months ago and one of the aldermen was acting as mayor. The council decided to appoint him as mayor and they needed someone to serve the rest of the alderman's term (about 14… more »

Before you forward that email

If you get an email forward that seems too amazing, frightening, sad or heartwarming to be true, it probably is. Before you hit that button to forward the message to your friends, take 60 seconds and type the subject line into Google. You can also… more »

Help Scott get this job

If you've got a minute, follow the link below and give my friend Scott's video application a rating of 5. Scott's video application He's applying for a caretaker/PR position in Australia. I think he'd be great at it. more »

Hell is Terrorism

Last fall my family and I were taking a walk around town when we saw this church sign: Emma read the sign and we discussed it as we walked. Sara quickly noted a grammatical problem with the sign, but I will leave that aside for now and focus on the… more »