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Tim Kaine

The DC speculators are convinced the Tim Kaine will be Obama's VP. Civil rights lawyer, law professor, new to high office (not a beltway insider). Sounds like a good fit. He's also pro-life, a Catholic and spent a year as a Christian missionary.… more »

Religious Autobiography

Part 1: Growing up in a fundamentalist church (1980-1998) Part 2: Switching to a slightly less legalistic fundamentalist church (1998-2002) Part 3: My time as a youth minister (2002-2004) Part 4: Leaving the faith (2004-2007) more »


I just added support for Gravatars in the comments of this site. What that means is that you can go to, sign up for a free account, upload your picture, and then the picture will appear next to your comments on this site and any others… more »

The Bible Unearthed

The Bible Unearthed is a 90-minute documentary that aired on the History Channel. The sound gets a little out of sync on this YouTube video, but I haven't been able to find a better version. If you can't stand it, check your TV listings or just read… more »

Religious Autobiography 2004-2007

Part 3 of this series is here: Religious Autobiography 1998-2002. After quitting my job at the church, I kept my promise to become less involved. I went to Sunday morning services, but that was it. No Sunday school, no Bible studies and no… more »

Religious Autobiography 2002-2004

Part 2 of this series is here: Religious Autobiography 1998-2002 As expected, the church in Adrian offered me a job after I graduated. We moved to Adrian, bought a house and I became the associate minister at Adrian Christian Church. My duties… more »