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Obama pulls ahead

The Real Clear Politics Iowa poll average now has Obama ahead by four points. Recent Zogby polling shows that Obama is the candidate that can defeat any of the Republicans. He still trails in the national Democratic primary polls, but it's now clear… more »

Cooking with Pooh

Cooking With Pooh - Someone didn't think this title through. (via Digg) more »

The Border Between Them

Last weekend was the football game between MU and KU. I don't give a damn about sports, but it is interesting that this rivalry is called the Border War because there really was a time when the citizens of Kansas and Missouri were at war with each… more »

Miranda Wrongs

Keep in mind that according to our President, we're keeping troops in Iraq to create breathing room for their fledgling democracy to stabilize. The US embassy in Iraq is giving instruction on democratic principles to Iraqi lawmakers through its Office… more »


After months of talking about it and mentally converting various sums of money to the equivalent number of Wiis (1 iMac = 6 Wiis), I finally broke down and bought a Nintendo Wii. I picked up Wii Play and Super Mario Galaxy. We set it up last night and… more »

Intelligent Design on Trial

Nova | Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on Trial - I just finished watching this PBS documentary about the trial in Dover, PA. Like the trial itself, the film gives a good overview of the science of evolution and the criticism leveled against it by… more »

Violence in Basra Drops 90% After British Withdrawal

In Basra, violence is a tenth of what it was before British pullback, general says - International Herald Tribune BAGHDAD: Attacks against British and Iraqi forces have plunged by 90 percent in southern Iraq since London withdrew its troops from the… more »

Blunt in trouble

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt is in hot water over a former employee who says he was forced out for trying to get the administration to follow the law. Here's an overview of the scandal: Eckersley: Hey boss, I don't think you're retaining emails as… more »

Skelton on readiness

Ike Skelton, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and my congressman, spoke in Kansas City this week about the effect of the war in Iraq on our military readiness. Why should any of us worry about a military readiness crisis? The lack of… more »

Obama speech in Iowa

This speech is already being called a turning point in Barack Obama's campaign. more »

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