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Peasant multiplication

I just learned that there is another way to multiply numbers on paper. In school I learned this method: US Mulitplication 39 x25 ------- 195 +78 ------ 975 That works fine, but it requires you to know your multiplication table well, which I… more »

Open mouth, insert foot

I felt bad for George Bush when I saw this clip. It could have happened to anyone. Yet, somehow I can't help posting it. Bush did apologize later that day and Peter Wallsten, the reporter, was very gracious. His only complaint about the whole matter… more »

W's Island

Plot Synopses for Episodes of a Gilligan's Island Remake Starring Members of the Bush Administration. Gilligan invades a neighboring island of cannibals. He mistakenly believes that Mary Ann and Ginger would be a sufficient force to secure the island,… more »

Who Killed the Electric Car?

Who Killed the Electric Car? is a documentary about the electric car that GM made for a while in 1996. When the leases ended for the cars, all the GM EV1s were reclaimed and destroyed. Why was such a well-liked car discontinued? Several of the… more »

Was the 2004 Election Stolen?

Was the 2004 Election Stolen? - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote an article for Rolling Stone that sums up an extensive investigation into allegations of fraud and disenfranchisement in Ohio in the 2004 Presidential election. The article is very long and… more »

Corruption in Jefferson City

Corruption in Gov. Matt Blunt's Office - One of Missouri Governor Matt Blunt's top aides is stepping down in the midst of the FBI looking into the governor's office for possible corruption. (via Fired Up Missouri) more »

Cordless Jump Rope

Cordless Jump Rope - If you like everything about jumping rope except for the rope, then this invention is for you. Hold the two handles and pretend that they're connected by a rope. Swing the imaginary rope around your body and jump over it. Or just… more »