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Google Spell for b2evolution

We've been using it here on for a while, but now the Google Spell plugin for b2evolution is publicly available at We're pretty excited to release it into the community for free. The spell checker than comes with… more »

Happy birthday, Blog Cabin

I made my first blog post three years ago today. It was on LiveJournal then, but I've imported the old posts. more »

Neologism poll

Ok, the poll's up. Vote for your favorite Simpsons Neologism. more »

Simpsons neologism: Sunday

Simpsons neologism of the day for Sunday, May 28, 2006: National insults. Apparently the normal stream of offensive material isn't efficient enough for the Simpsons writers, so occassionally they through in an insult for an entire nation of people.… more »

Simpsons Neologism: Saturday

Simpsons neologism of the day for Saturday, May 27, 2006: Word Hole Sideshow Bob: Oh, I renew my objection to this pointless endeavor! Informally now and by affidavit later. Time permitting. Wiggum: Shut your word hole! We've got to get this place… more »

Simpsons Neologism: Friday

Simpsons neologism of the day for Friday, May 26, 2006: Walking Bird Grandpa Simpson: I just used my washtub that morning to wash my turkey, which in those days was known as a walking bird. We'd always have walking bird on Thanksgiving with all the… more »

Simpsons Neologism: Thursday

Simpsons neologism of the day for Thursday, May 25, 2006: Bumbled Bee Burns: Stop that, you wantwit! I might get stung by a bumbled bee! "Wantwit" is a pretty good one, too. more »

Simpsons Neologism: Wednesday

Simpsons neologism of the day for Wednesday, May 24, 2006: America's Wang Homer: Florida?! But that's America's Wang! more »

Simpsons Neologism: Tuesday

Simpsons neologism of the day for Tuesday, May 23, 2006: Beginulate Frink: "Let the commencement… beginulate!" more »

Simpsons Neologism: Monday

I hereby declare this week to be Simpsons neologism week. I'm going to post one every day, then I'll have a poll next Monday so you can choose your favorite. Feel free to slip these words and phrases into casual conversation throughout the week.… more »

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