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100 things we didn't know this time last year

BBC News has published a list of 100 trivial facts that they reported on in 2005. Here are my favorites: 41. Tactically, the best Monopoly properties to buy are the orange ones: Vine Street, Marlborough Street and Bow Street. 65. Actor James Doohan,… more »


I've updated my collection list at to include the new boardgames we got over the holidays. Sara gave Through the Desert to me, Hare and Tortoise to Emma and me and Tri-Virsity to Sara and me. We gave Go Away Monster to Emma and she… more »


Christmas brought a few additions to my bookshelf. The first four books above came from my mother-in-law. She printed off the list of Top 20 Geek Novels that I posted about a month ago, took it to the bookstore and bought me some from the list that I… more »

Most comments plugin

I made this plugin because of a request in the b2evolution forums, but I've been wanting something like this for myself for a while, too. It adds a box in your sidebar listing the posts with the most comments. The number of posts to list can be set to… more »

YouTube plugin

I just finished my first fully-functional b2evolution plugin. It makes it easy to post YouTube videos on your blog. It works for b2evolution 1.6-alpha, so if you're using it (i.e., you're brave or curious) then go get it. more »


This afternoon I played around with Blender a bit. It's a free and open source, cross-platform 3d modeling and animation program. I was able to follow this tutorial and make a simple model of a person. If you want to jump right into animation, check… more »

And you know this, man

I ripped the movie Friday to an iPod compatible file using HandBrake and Sara and I watched the first half of it on the tv connected to the iPod. Unlike the home movie that I tried before I could see no compression artifacts. It looked pristine to me.… more »

The pod

Santa Claus came to my house today, riding in a white FedEx truck. He brought me a small package that held my new toy, a white 60GB 5th generation iPod. I ordered it on Sunday afternoon and it arrived Tuesday at about noon. I just did the standard… more »

b2evolution story on Digg

My fellow users. Digg this, if you would: Phoenix Alpha released I want the word to get out about this software. I was going to post about it there at some point, but someone beat me to it. more »

Build your own

Last night while I was posting obituaries on I started thinking about how expensive a funeral is. I think the casket itself can get into the thousands pretty easily. All that for a box you see for a few hours then bury in the ground.… more »