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Potter, Watchmen

I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this morning and I started Watchmen over lunch. I liked the Harry Potter book and I'm looking forward to reading the newest one. I still think book three is my favorite so far. Watchmen will be the… more »

Adrian in hi-res

While I was setting up the Guestmap, I noticed that Google Maps now has Adrian, MO, in high-resolution. Check out the Guestmap and leave a marker where you live, along with your name, a note and a link to your website if… more »

Russia's Biggest Spammer Brutally Murdered

Russia's Biggest Spammer Brutally Murdered in Apartment - I don't know what to say. Murder is not the solution to this problem, but who can honestly say that they haven't ever wanted to whack a spammer in the head with a blunt object? (via Slashdot) more »

My birthday present: Watchmen

Friday night we were talking with Kyle and Erika and he was telling me that he thinks Watchmen is the best super hero story story he's read. We were planning a trip to the comic shop on Saturday and I probably would have bought it. So Sara was forced… more »


I've dreaded going to after all the trouble we've had in the last week and a half. I'm afraid I'll go to the site and we'll be having webhost problems again or something will be terribly broken. Things have been working somewhat better.… more »

More Katie Holmes news?

I was reading Giant the other day (a really great entertainment magazine that Matt got me hooked on)and I found this gem in the Katie Holmes interview: Interviewer: What sort of TV do you own? Katie: I just got an LSD. A flat-screen. Interviewer: An… more »

Rove anagrams

Now that we're seeing Karl Rove's name in the news so much, it might be a good time to take a closer look. Not at the man, but at his actual name, viz., what can we spell be rearranging the letters of 'Karl Christian Rove'? Horn irks CIA travel Hrs.… more »

The second term jinx

It looks like Second Term Jinx is setting in for President Bush. He already had declining poll numbers, a Social Security plan that no one seems to like and a war that is starting to drag on. Now one of his top advisors has brought some genuine… more »

New evoskin: Plain

When I asked which template would make a better evoskin, a couple of people said they liked Plain. I think I have it mostly finished. Take a look. Once again, if you're a author, then you can use it on your blog by changing your default… more »

Google Earth

I heard about Google Earth when it first came out, but I only recently downloaded it and tried it out. Wow. It's worth a download just to play with it. It could be pretty useful, too. It is to as Photoshop is to MS Paint. And keep… more »

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