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"You look good wearing my future"

I just finished watching Some Kind of Wonderful and, I'm ashamed to admit, am also finishing a good cry. Brendan, you were right: this is Pretty in Pink the way it should have ended (although I am more partial to the 'richies' in the latter). I firmly… more »

Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Source?

Here's an article that was pointed out to me by my friend Matt: GNU Believers. The article has links to several Linux apps that could save churches lots of money. There are a couple of free replacements for Song Show Plus (song lyric projection), a… more »

God is not a Republican

God is not a Republican (or a Democrat) - I haven't read the whole petition, but I like the sound of what I've heard so far. They quote Pat Robertson as saying "I think George Bush is going to win in a walk. I really believe I'm hearing from the Lord… more »

High speed video: wow

What do you get when you combine a high-speed video camera, some imagination, webspace and way too much free time? Interesting High-speed Video Clips There are tons of these things. Each clip is something filmed with their camera and then played back… more »

Free Cliffs Notes

From the Back to School department: has put all of their literature books online for free. Now that you don't have to pay for Cliffs Notes, there's no reason to bother reading your assigned books, right kids? Good luck. (via CSB) more »

Date to Save - Missionary Dating Ministry Web Page - More proof that Matt needs a blog of his own. Thanks for the link, Matt. more »

UK teacher wins US ultra-marathon

BBC | UK teacher wins US ultra-marathon - Marathon runners are now sissies (yes, I mean you, P. Diddy). I just learned that there is a race called the ultra-marathon that spans the 3,100 mile distance from California to New York. Some bloke named Bob… more »

I wish I knew how my mind worked

Somehow, writing that last post (a few seconds ago) reminded me of a life-long goal I am one step closer to reaching: memorizing Lloyd Dobler's response to a "What-do-you-want-to-do-with-your-life?" type question. I don't want to sell anything, buy… more »

A string of incoherent thoughts about fish

I was working on an ad for our church's upcoming fall series when a disturbing thought occurred to me: I have no idea where the phrase 'what's the catch' originated. Our senior minister and I came up with several theories; most involved fish. When we… more »

Public domain photos

If you need stock photos, then this is the best site I've found: It has tons of great photos and they're free for non-commercial use. But this site might be very useful, too: There aren't as many pictures, but what they have is… more »

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