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2005 Predictions

Click here to read some predictions for 2005 in the world of tech. The author's track record isn't too bad. Check out last year's predictions. Interesting stuff. Do you have any predictions for 2005?

Search Amazon from DBC

For those of you who like buying things from Amazon, but have always wished that each purchase would give me money, I give you my Amazon search page.

Make us Laugh contest

A couple of friends and fellow Truman alumni have a contest running on their LiveJournal: wardx2: Make us laugh. Send in your entries and win fabulous prizes. Keep in mind that they have a strange sense of humor.

512 MB Thumb drive

I got a 512 MB thumb drive for Christmas from my parents. I'm looking for some cool things to do with it. Any ideas?

8 Mile

Sara and I watched 8 Mile this weekend. It was a pretty decent flick. I think that in the future, all international disputes should be settled with rap battles like in 8 mile. I wish someone would compose some battle raps involving foreign policy and post them in the comments.

Open Letter to All Disenfranchised Writers

As many of you know, the high school paper in our small town of Adrian has been cancelled indefinitely. As a former high school newspaper editor, former Media Law student and journalism grad, I feel that I have a vested interest in this issue, as well as in the lives of these student writers. To these students, I would like to say this:

In high school, I wrote an article about a friend who was killed in an auto accident. I was not willing to compromise my integrity, so I wrote truthfully: the accident was caused by this young man's alcohol consumption. To make a long story even longer, the article was published by a national magazine and I finally saw my name in print. What I didn't know was that several issues of the magazine were sent to my school and distributed. My first byline brought great pride, and also a great amount of personal turmoil. For a few days, I was ostracized by many. Now, for the point of the story:

My high school English teacher, Mrs. Cackley, pulled me aside and shared some words of encouragement. To paraphrase, she said, "Sara, when you decide to write, two things will happen. One, you will open some people's eyes and provide a public service for them. Two, an even greater number of people will hate either what you wrote, you personally, or possibly both. This is a choice you must make. To write, or not to write. I think you should continue to write, and to write for the first group."

This is my challenge to you: Write. If you are truly a writer, you will never be able to keep inside the feelings you have. Writers are more observant than most; it is in their blood. Unfortunately, these observations are often seen as unwanted criticism of established ideas. Forget the people who say that. You owe it to the public, however small the appreciative portion may be, to share your unique view and style with them.

Click below to read my letter to the editor of the town newspaper

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I posted a few days ago about picking a new domain name, and I finally settled on one:

I was going to try and fix it up a little before I shared it with the world, but eh.

TechTV, you are dead to me

Maybe you're getting tired of me talking about the way that G4 has messed up the best network and the best show on tv, but I had to post this link: Check out this mp3. Leo Laporte, former host of the Screen Savers and TechTV / ZDTV veteran actually refers to the G4 programming as "garbage." He also predicts that they won't be on the air much longer. I wish it would go off the air so the people responsible for killing TechTV could lose their money. But the network is already dead to me.


I've been learning a new game recently. And by new I mean that the game is 3000 years old. Go is a two player board game originating in China. The rules are pretty simple, but the strategy can get very intense. is a good site for more information, including a good introduction to the rules. This other site has some good interactive lessons (requres Java). I've been playing the game on my Pocket PC and routinely getting my butt kicked, so I'm going through the lessons to see if I can get any better.

Go is known as Weiqi in China, or .

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