Simpsons Neologism: Friday

Simpsons neologism of the day for Friday, May 26, 2006:
Walking Bird

Grandpa Simpson: I just used my washtub that morning to wash my turkey, which in those days was known as a walking bird. We'd always have walking bird on Thanksgiving with all the trimmings: cranberries, injun eyes, yams stuffed with gunpowder. Then we'd all watch football, which in those days was called 'baseball'...

Simpsons Neologism: Thursday

Simpsons neologism of the day for Thursday, May 25, 2006:
Bumbled Bee

Burns: Stop that, you wantwit! I might get stung by a bumbled bee!

"Wantwit" is a pretty good one, too.

Simpsons Neologism: Wednesday

Simpsons neologism of the day for Wednesday, May 24, 2006:
America's Wang

Homer: Florida?! But that's America's Wang!

Simpsons Neologism: Tuesday

Simpsons neologism of the day for Tuesday, May 23, 2006:

Frink: "Let the commencement… beginulate!"

Simpsons Neologism: Monday

I hereby declare this week to be Simpsons neologism week. I'm going to post one every day, then I'll have a poll next Monday so you can choose your favorite. Feel free to slip these words and phrases into casual conversation throughout the week.

Simpsons neologism of the day for Monday, May 22, 2006:

Lisa: [reading Homer's invitation] "Come to Homer's BBBQ, the extra 'B' is for BYOBB."
Bart: What's that extra B for?
Homer: That's a typo.

Spam back

Here's another spammer whose site has comments open.

Let him have it.

John Hodgman is everywhere

John Hodgman (left) in one of the new Mac ads
In November I saw a strange little man named John Hodgman go on the Daily Show to promote his new book: The Areas of My Expertise. The interview was so funny that I eventually bought the book (when Amazon finally had it in stock in March). I read it on our vacation and I thought it was very funny. There's also a blog promoting the book.

Hodgman has started making more appearances on the Daily Show, this time as their Resident Expert. His complete deadpan delivery gets me every time.

If I didn't like the guy enough already, this would have sealed the deal. He got involved with my favorite band, They Might Be Giants. Hodgman has appeared in their podcast, reading selections from his book. He also has a starring role in their new DVD, Venue Songs (available only at their concerts right now). He plays the part of the deranged millionaire who issued the challenge to the band to write a new song for each venue on a tour. You can watch some of the videos at

Finally, there's a new series of TV ads for Apple Computer that star John Hodgman as the PC. Apple hasn't advertised their computers on television for a while, but I think these ads are fun. I'm glad to see that they're pushing for more of the computer market share. It really is a good time to switch to Mac if you're considering a new computer.

Another spammer

I found another #^%$# selling blog spamming software, and this one is specifically targeted at b2evolution: Toward the bottom of their huge page of marketing BS I found this little gem:

With the power that B2Eblogger gives you comes responsibility. And we intend to ensure that every B2Eblogger Software user is responsible and understands that Common Sense and Courtesy equal more profits, more respect, more repeat posts being allowed!

Responsible? Courtesy? So, they'll spam you responsibly and politely. That's why I've been getting so much spam that says "Great site! Here are some other resources . . ." Wow, thanks for being so responsible and courteous, guys! Now I don't hope you get hit by a bus any more. Let's make it a car instead.

I guess there's a bit of comfort in knowing that the idiots doing this are out $247 dollars for the software. Wait, no, that's not comforting at all. What is comforting . . .

There Are Some Things In Life That Can Be Stopped... This Is Not One Of Them

That's where you're wrong, jerk. There is something that can stop your little racket. It's called b2evolution 1.8. Once that's installed on this blog we'll be done with spam.

Chamber of commerse site finished

I finished up the Adrian Chamber of Commerce website last week and yesterday I got approval for pointing the domain at the new version. I still have a copy of the old version of the site if you want to compare.

I finished another cool project yesterday and it should be going live in the next day or two, at which time I'll tell you more about it.

Next I'll be upgrading to the newest version of b2evolution. I'm working on upgrading all the skins we use right now.

Rick jerk

I was doing my daily spam deleting and I found this comment:

I am the Rich Jerk, and today I am sharing my secret software toolbox which put me on every search engine on the #1 position. Nice guys always finish last.

That really caught my eye. I'm used to seeing ads for drugs and various kinds of niche porn, but this is an ad for blog spamming software. I couldn't resist taking a look at the site: (copy and paste the url, we wouldn't want to give this guy any Google juice by really linking to him). The site is your normal crap about how this guy makes millions of dollars by doing almost nothing (aka using a bot to spam blogs and get his sites up in search engine rankings). The only thing that made this site worth talking about is the fact that it is a Wordpress powered blog with . . . comments enabled. I left the jerk a little love note. I encourage everyone else to do the same. Let him have some fun deleting posts for a while. Don't use your real contact info or url unless you want to become a special target.

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