DSL for the church is ordered and should be installed next week. Thank you, SBC!


Could it be?!

a better day

Today has started out much better than yesterday did. This morning Emma wanted to go into her room and play with a baby doll. She was smiling and talking, which is more than she's done since last Friday. She's eating a bit now and approaching 48 hours without a puke. I sold my stupid Dish Network equipment for $75 on eBay. Word.

Three Haikus

Two Haikus from "The Screen Savers" latest newsletter:

Videogames rule.
Hey, why not make your own ones?
Because it is hard.

You can make fun games.
Katie Salen shows you how
On tonight's program.

And one from me:

Newsletter sign-up
Or watch the show at my house.
I Tivo it.

I'm not normally an angry person, but . . .

I'm ready to break something right now. When I cancelled my DishNetwork service the nice lady told me that I had no contract and so there would be no penalty for cancelling, except that I wouldn't receive any more credits on my bill for the equipment that I paid for. Great, I said, so I cancelled it and had my wonderful new DirectTV with Tivo installed. I listed the DN equipment on eBay and it's currently at $31, easy money. But then I get the worst call today. Don's Satellite (not to be confused with Don Arndt local DirectTV deale, but some outfit from Kansas) calls and says that when I ordered the DN from them I signed a contract for a year of service, with penalties for early withdrawal. Crap. I forgot about that. Why didn't DN tell me that when I called? Ok, what will the penalty be? $220!!! Oh, and by the way, we'll be picking up the equipment, too. Gaaaah! I paid for that equipment with my own stinking money! I don't know who to be mad at or what to break. DN should have told me that I did in fact have a contract, and Don's Satellite is the one breathing down my neck for this money. The worst part is that if I had just kept my DN service until the end of the contract (I think about 6 months) it would have only been around $100, and the equipment would have been mine.

Update: I was able to sign back up with Dish Network until my contract expires in August. I'll be paying them $24.99 for service that I don't use, but it will be cheaper than what the retailer wanted to charge me for dropping out. And I can go ahead and sell the equipment. I wish DN could have told me that I was under a contract . . . Bottom line: it's all worth it to have Tivo.

Sick, still

I was wrong about Emma. She didn't get better today. Today she experienced all the symptoms that she's had since Saturday. At least she slept for most of the day. Poor baby.

Sick baby

Emma has been sick since Saturday morning. Yesterday was the throwing up day and today was the sleepy, feeverish, limp day. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be the feeling better day. It's been pretty sad.

Worlds longest alphabetical email address

Thanks to Luis for pointing this site out:

You can sign up for a free email address with this domain. Here are some of the features they list:
- Some web forms are unable to read your email address
- Some email software cannot be configured
- People have a hard time typing in your email address
- Companies think that your email address is fake

Sounds great!

Beta testers wanted

This post was written before I became an atheist and does not represent my current views. You can find more up-to-date posts on religion in my faith/skepticism category.

I'm looking for some people to volunteer as beta testers for the church web site I'm designing. I would prefer if you have some experience with web design or at least a good feel for how things should look and function. Once I have a list of volunteers and the site is ready I'll email out the instructions. I'll probably have tasks to do, questions to answer, etc., and then have you turn in your responses. If you're interested, please email me. In your email let me know a bit about your background (if I don't know you) and maybe include a link to some design that you've done. Thanks in advance for helping me improve this site.

Digital Digs Den

This post was written before I became an atheist and does not represent my current views. You can find more up-to-date posts on religion in my faith/skepticism category. is giving away money $25,000 to spend on home entertainment equipment. They show four code words each night and you can enter each one here for a separate chance to win (you'll have to create a username, etc.) Don't have TechTV? Don't want to watch 4 hours of TV just to get some code words? Perhaps this might be of some help.

Update: If the site is down, you can find the codes by searching the TechTV message boards.

1 ... 80 81 82 ...83 ... 85 ...87 ...88 89 90 ... 105