Confirmed: is a hoax

Hot hybrid

There's a new hybrid car that goes zero to sixty in around four seconds and can get 50 mpg. And it looks totally sweet and awesome. The most amazing thing about the Hybrid Attack, however, is that it was designed and built by a small group of high school students. Still think the big automakers are trying their hardest to reduce our dependency on oil?



This is fun. has a free service where you put a snippet of code in your web page and every hit to your site is logged on their server and plotted on a map. Before you get all Privacy Advocate on them, know that they're using information that is already public. Your IP address (which you give to every web page you connect to already) can be used to find out, roughly, where you are. Brendon explained to me that the airport code for the nearest major city can be taken from your IP, or something. Anyway, I added the code to my site and now you can see a map of who has been reading it.


67 Thousand

67,000 pieces of malware

I'm cleaning up a computer for someone and this is what Adaware found. The most critical objects I had ever seen it find was around 800. Sixty-seven thousand, seven-hundred and four! Granted, most of thost are registry values that probably came from the the same piece of malware, but dang! 67,704! Notice that there weren't any processes or modules. That's because I was running in safe mode. So, once I boot it back into regular mode, I'll probably find some more crap. This computer has 256 MB of memory and when I got it was basically at a standstill. It took 5 minutes to open a program. Don't let this happen to you. Get Firefox. Better yet, get a Mac.

Walken '08?

YouTube is to video as is to photo. I signed up for a free account and uploaded a couple of home movies of Emma. So far I really like it. The videos were available online just minutes after I uploaded them. I tried a few months ago and some of the videos I uploaded never showed up on the site. The others took days to show up and be available for download. But YouTube seems better. And it has tagging and some of the other social networking features like Flickr has. This could be a solution for a video podcat, too. Check out the my videos, subscribe to the feed if you like, and if you get your own account and upload some videos then let me know so I can add you as a friend.

Now that it's been announced at, I'll mention it here, too: The webspace is now hosting The developers wanted to start some new subsites and have them maintained by community members. I volunteered to host the plugin repository and they took me up on the offer. Steven Cherry is helping me maintain the site. We've only got a few plugins and hacks listed so far, but I know there are more to find in the forums, and there should be a lot more created once the brand new version of b2evolution comes out within the next month. It's going to be much more extensible.

We did upgrade our web space to make sure we have plenty of space for our every-growing family of sites. is an ad-free site and I hope to keep the plugin site ad-free as well. If you want to contribute to our web-hosting fund, then click on the Paypal link at

Stephen Baxter

I'm thinking of reading a book by sci-fi author Stephen Baxter. Can anyone recommend a good book to start with? He has done several series, but I have no idea which would be good introduction.

Doug and Marilyn

Doug and Marilyn
On Saturday we went to Doug and Marilyn's wedding. It was a classy affair and we had a great time seeing friends from Truman. All of us agreed that these two make a great match. Congratulations, guys!

Vacation photos

The rest of the vaction photos are up.

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