New fish

Good news. Our 3 swordtails are still very healthy and active. Yesterday I picked up 3 platies at Walmart. I think the particular variety is called Sunset Fire Platy or Xiphophorus maculatus, which is Latin for "Likes to eat its own babies". They seem to be doing well in our tank and since they're also live-bearers, we should be seeing some baby fish sometime.

Bible Gateway Update

Here's something cool. I've mentioned that Bible Gateway is a good resource, but it just got better. I noticed today that you can now search The Message Bible. It's a recent paraphrase that is supposed to be pretty interesting and fun to read. I've wanted to check it out, but I didn't want to shell out the money for a paper copy. Now I can look at it for free!

Walking directions to Mordor

Thanks to Brendan for finding this:Walking directions from Shire to Mordor If Frodo had just used MapQuest, his trip would have been a lot easier (and the 3 movies would have been 45 minutes instead of 9 hours.)


My friend Ryan broke his leg last Friday during the football game. Click here to see the x-ray of his leg. The good news is that Ryan is back home and doing well. He was feeling healthy enough to beat me in 3 straight games of NCAA Football 2004 on his Playstation 2 today.

Clean enough for a fish, but PH balanced for a dead fish

Fish Update: Our 3 swordtails are doing just great. We went to Petco yesterday to pick up some more fish. I brought some water for them to test and they said everything was fine except for my PH, it's too high. That meant I couldn't get any fish that day. I bought some goop that's supposed to bring it back down to a healthy range. I also bought my own testing kits so I can find out that my water is bad before I drive 45 minutes to Petco.

In the words of the great Keanu Reeves: Whoa.

David Letterman is going to be a dad. This is not a joke

Houston, we're hungry

Ministers' Retreat

I got back yesterday from a two day retreat for area ministers. It was a very good time. Since it was the first year for the retreat, there weren't very many people. I did make some new friends, get some time to relax and improve my focus on God and the job he's got me doing.

New fish

Today we finally put in some new fish. Our tank should be fully recovered from our bout with the ich. My friend gave me three fish from his own tank. They appear to be Red Swordtails (Xiphophorus helleri). Swordtails are livebearers and we have one male and two females, which means that if the fish get a little privacy we'll soon have a bunch of tiny babies swimming around in our tank. Fish babies are called 'fry,' which is funny to me because they're way to small to actually fry. (I presume . . . I mean, I haven't tried to deep fry any helpless little fish. Really.)

Top Five Free Programs: #1




Web browser




Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla 1.4

Web site:

Why You Should Switch to the Mozilla Firebird Browser


Download now (6.8MB)


I had a hard time deciding what would be #1 on this list. I had intended to make it the regular Mozilla Browser. I've been using Mozilla 1.4, but my friend Brendan (

) told me about a new Mozilla project called Firebird. It's faster, sleeker and more user friendly than Mozilla 1.4. Both of them are much better than Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is probably what most of you are using. Here are the things that Firebird does better than IE:

1. Pop-up blocking.
Everyone is annoyed by pop-up ads. With Firebird, they're history. You have total control over which sites you accept pop-ups from.

2. Tab-browsing
This is my favorite feature. It lets you have multiple browser windows without crowding up your taskbar. When you middle-click a link, it loads in a new tab. This adds a lot to your browsing speed.

3. Integrated Google search
The best search engine in the world, right on your toolbar.

Firebird loads quickly when you click on it and it also works well with Thunderbird (see below). If you don't download any other programs from this list, get Firebird. You'll thank me later.

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