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5 Reasons I Love the Radio

After almost 5 years of hearing Danny defame the existence of radio, I have decided to do something about it. (Okay, I'm just going to write some lame post, but that is something, right?) Unlike Danny and his cohorts, I had a great experience with radio… more »

Planning a garden

Sara and I are planning to plant a garden this spring. We borrowed my parents' copy of Square Foot Gardening and I've been looking over it. The first chapter talks about how common it is for people to get excited about a garden in the spring and then… more »

Easter pictures

The Easter gallery is up. Emma had a great time coloring eggs on Saturday afternoon. When we got home from church the eggs and the basket were skattered across the kitchen, every one of them cracked. The cat had jumped on the counter, knocked them… more »

Board games with siblings

Last night when I got home from class Jenny came over and we got online and started a game of Ticket to Ride with Mike in Florida. It's not very often that all three of the siblings get together and do something, so it was a treat. The online version… more »

Network+ Training

Tonight I start my Network+ training. I'll be at Foss Training Center after work for the next two weeks. I'm excited about the class and I've been going through the first few chapters of the textbook. more »

Danny's Blog Cabin v. 3.0

Welcome to Danny's Blog Cabin, version 3.0. I started a year and a half ago at LiveJournal. Just over a year ago I moved to my Movable Type blog at I've been playing around with different blogging software and I decided to try… more »

I won!

My drought in Ticket to Ride is over. I finally won a game tonight. Jenny was only one point behind me and Mom only about 5 back. It was Dad's first game and he was about 30 points behind. This brings my record to 1 win and 9 losses. more »

This and that

I played Ticket to Ride a couple of times today. Jenny won one game with 152 points, the highest score we've seen yet. Mom won the other game. My record on my new board game is now 0-9. The we played a game of Settlers of Catan and I won that one.… more »

An anagram poll :: Napalm granola

Which of these anagrams of "Daniel James Ferguson" best describes me?th=5>Enflamed jargon issueth=5>Meandering Jesus loafth=5>Unmade Josef Salingerth=5>Join dreamfulness ageth=5>Joe's unmanaged riflesth=5>Deafening moral Jesusth=5>Serenade moanful… more »

More cat pictures

There are some more pictures of Bearmicks in his gallery. He's done several interesting things, including watching the fish, sleeping, sleeping in Emma's bed, sleeping in my bed and sleeping in a drawer. more »

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