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Mike's podcast

My brother Mike has started a podcast, which makes four that are hosted here on Here's his first episode, and here's the feed you can use to subscribe to it. more »


    I caught a catterpillar nibbling on my parsley in my garden. Emma and I put it in a little jar from a bug hunting kit she has and it became our pet for a few days. Then it formed a cocoon and after a few weeks a butterfly came out. more »

What I just bought

Oh, yes. Temporary tattoo paper for my inkjet printer. Emma gets one or two tattoos a day (part of her potty training), and now I can make some custom ones for her. Homestar Runner tattoo? A picture of her friend? The sky's the limit. I may… more »

A glimpse inside the scary mind of Sara

I’m feeling a little introspective tonight…we’ll see where this goes. I’ve been thinking a lot about my character lately—where I’ve come from, what examples of good humans surround me (and have been around me in the past) and about what I’ve done with… more »

First harvest

We ate our first cutting from the garden tonight. I harvested both the Simpson lettuce, buttercrunch, spinach and India mustard. I also pulled a green onion. We made it into a salad with some fetta cheese and ranch dressing. I thought it tasted… more »

Mike's Weblog

I've got my brother Mike set up with his own weblog. Check it out and leave him a comment. You can find pictures of him here. Stop in at his new site and leave him a comment. If you RSS, then you may want to subscribe to his feed. more »


Mike has uploaded some photos from his visit over the weekend. There's some very good stuff. He made a whole album with pictures of Dixie, my parents' new dog. His new camera lets you stitch photos together into a panorama. And, of course, he has… more »

Garden update

We had some nice rain here over the weekend, and my garden is coming right along. Most of my greens have sprouted and are filling in nicely. The carrots seem to be doing well, too, even if only four out of the eight seeds that I planted have come up.… more »

Planting a garden

A couple of Saturdays ago I built a garden box, hauled a truckload of horse manure and mixed my soil. For the next several days I watered the soil and turned it until it seemed ready to be planted. I used some string and nails to divide it into 16… more »


I've been thinking a lot about addiction this week, and I've come to the conclusion that we are all addicted to something, something that medicates and numbs us toward life--either in part or in full. Listening to "Lua" by Bright Eyes really made sense… more »

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