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Doug and Marilyn

On Saturday we went to Doug and Marilyn's wedding. It was a classy affair and we had a great time seeing friends from Truman. All of us agreed that these two make a great match. Congratulations, guys! more »

Vacation photos

The rest of the vaction photos are up. more »

New vacation photos

More vacation photos are up in the gallery. Also, while Tim and I were waiting for everyone else to show up for laser tag today, we played a few games of Makoto. more »

Vacation, part one

We drove from Adrian, MO, to Cottleville, MO, today. We're staying with our friends, Tim and Angie. We met their new son, Isaac. He's a cute little guy, and very tiny. I can barely remember when Emma was that small. more »


I've dreaded going to after all the trouble we've had in the last week and a half. I'm afraid I'll go to the site and we'll be having webhost problems again or something will be terribly broken. Things have been working somewhat better.… more »

Pictures of Isaac

Tim has posted some pictures of handsome young Isaac in his gallery. more »

Isaac Matthew Hudson

I'd like to congratulate two of my very good friends, Tim and Angie. Yesterday at 1:45 pm they had a son. Isaac Matthew Hudson. He was 7 pounds and some-odd ounces. Sorry, ladies, I don't remember the other stats. He says he'll post some pictures… more »

New photos

I've created a new photo album with pictures of the garden, the cat and Emma. You can see that my greens have gone to seed, but my tomato and cucumber plants are blooming. Also, check out Emma's new tattoo. more »

What I've been doing

I've been spending a lot of time working on the B2evolution project lately. I upgraded to the newest version of it, then I had to reapply the hack I had made before. I'm working on rewriting it as a plugin that will be easier to install… more »

My dad

Happy father's day, Dad. For some things my brother has learned from Dad, check out this photo album. more »

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