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Emma thinks she's funny

Emma: Mom! Can you hear me? Mom!? Danny: Are you talking to her on your phone? Emma: No. It's soap, silly. Emma: Dad! I have a wish! Daddy! I have a wish, Dad! [I walk into her bedroom to ask her what her wish is so she'll quiet down and go to… more »

Happy Birthday, Emma!

Today is Emma's third birthday. We had her party yesterday. The pictures are in the the gallery. more »

Essays and Writings

Danny Church and State: Keep them Separated - An article I wrote for the June 2004 Adrian Christian Church newsletter. I'm Tired of Religion - This is a message I gave to Jr. High and High School students on January 21, 2004. LOTR, Spiritual Themes:… more »

Favorites from 2004

I present to you, in no particular order, some of my favorite things from 2004 and their corresponding posts on my weblog. Bloglines - I was looking for a good, free RSS reader, and I found it in Bloglines. And they just keep making it better.… more »

Katamari Damacy

I got a couple of Best Buy gift cards for Christmas, and I think I might get this PS2 game: Katamari Damacy. I first heard about it from Luis, and it has good reviews. At under $20, it must be worth it. more »

New Gallery

I've been using Gallery for a while here, but now there's a gallery for all the the authors here. more »

Open Letter to All Disenfranchised Writers

As many of you know, the high school paper in our small town of Adrian has been cancelled indefinitely. As a former high school newspaper editor, former Media Law student and journalism grad, I feel that I have a vested interest in this issue, as well… more »

Help me pick a domain name

I think I'm going to register a domain name with I don't have to have a static IP address and it's only $30 a year. But I have to choose a name: forums ->Vote in the poll more »

Matt's Blog - This is the announcement I was talking about. This should be a good read, so be sure and check in on it once in a while. I was going to introduce him, but his first post does a pretty good job of telling you what he's interested… more »

Olde Schoole

This weekend I went to see one of my high school chums get married. It was a nice wedding and I got to visit with some friends that I haven't really stayed in touch with. On the way out of the church I saw John. Any time we see each other, even if… more »

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