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Best Break-Up Songs

Every once in a while, it's good to remember the "emotional train wreck" days: belting out lyrics that seem to have captured the exact moment your heart was broken. Songs in this category often top my "Favorite Songs of All Time" list, even though I'm married and there's no chance of returning to break-up land. I can pretend, can't I?

5. Jeff Buckley The Last Goodbye
My brother and I love this song. Buckley's voice was beautiful (he died in 1997) and the song's orchestral sound really captures the "I can't believe it's over" sentiment.
Favorite lyric: "This is our last embrace/Must I dream and always see your face/Why can't we overcome this wall/Well, maybe it's just because I didn't know you at all"

4. The Cure Pictures of You
Okay, so this is pretty obvious, but how could I leave it out? Robert Smith is the break-up king.
Favorite lyric: "If only I'd thought of the right words/I could have held on to your heart/If only I'd thought of the right words/I wouldn't be breaking apart/All my pictures of you"

3. Love Spit Love Am I Wrong
I used to play this song in my free spots when I was a DJ at KTRM. One version of this song is featured on the Angus soundtrack, with my friend Julie's high school marching band accompanying.
Favorite lyric: "There's too much/that I keep to myself/and I turn my back on my faith/it's like glass/when we break/I wish no one in my place"

2. Pearl Jam Black
Oh, Eddie, how many tears have I shed listening to your songs??
Favorite lyric: "I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star/In somebody else's sky, but why/Why, why can't it be, why can't it be mine"

1. The Psychedelic Furs Ghost in You
I have the Counting Crows cover on CD--until a month ago, I thought the song was theirs. This site shows that I really should have known more about the song, and the band (given my fascination with Pretty in Pink and the aforementioned Love Spit Love).
Favorite lyric: "A man in my shoes runs a light/All the papers lie tonight/but falling over you/is the news of the day"


I think about 6 inches of snow must have fallen here today. And we just bought a 4-wheel-drive Isuzu Trooper last weekend. How's that for good timing?

Bin Laden and the election

An election forecast: We'll get bin Laden=The

If this turns out to be true, how will it affect the election in November? Will people be more likely to vote for Bush if bin Laden is caputured on his watch?

Groundhog Day

Phil: Come on, all the long distance lines are down? What about satellite? Is it snowing in space? Don't you keep open a line for emergencies or for celebrities? I'm both. I'm a celebrity in an emergency.

Rita: Have you ever had déjà-vu?
Phil: Didn't you just ask me that?

Phil: This is pitiful. A thousand people freezing their butts off, waiting to worship a rat. You know, Groundhog Day used to mean something in this town. They used to pull the hog out and they used to *eat* it. You're hypocrites. All a ya.

Last night Sara and I watched Groundhog Day. It's such a fun movie, and it's definitely more fun if you watch it on February 2. Harold Ramis, the writer and director, is awesome. We wrote Animal House, Caddyshack, Stripes, Ghostbusters, Analyze This and more.

LotR: Movies vs. Books

If you both bored and geeky, check out this list of differences between the Tolkien's books and Jackson's movies: The Nit Picker's Guide to the Lord of the Rings

The Razzies

When you're done reading about the Oscar nominations, check out the Razzie nominations. The Razzie is awarded to the years worst films.

Lord of the Rings Oscar nominations

LOTR nominations

Art Direction, Costume Design, Directing, Film Editing' Makeup' , Music (Score), Music (Song), Best Picture, Sound, Visual Effects, Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

The film gets no nominations for acting. I'm not sure who I would have wanted to get nominated; maybe Sean Astin for supporting actor or Viggo. I think they deserve the award for adapted screenplay.

Best Blog Ever (note: this is not really the best blog ever)

VH1's Best Week Ever now has a blog, called (naturally) Best Week Ever Blog. So if you need entertainment news and you can't wait until the next episode of ET, then check it out. Also, you can post comments.

The Passion of the Christ

I'm doing some research for an article about Mel Gibson's new film The Passion of the Christ. There are some questions about whether the pope really liked the movie or not. I can't find anything very official sounding that talks about Mel Gibson's cameo in the film. And I got an email forward that gave Paul Harvey's thoughts on the film, but in my research I found that those words were actually written by Keith Fournier. Maybe Paul Harvey read Fornier's review on the air and someone got the wrong idea. This just goes to show you, never get your info from email forwards

Simpsons Christmas Village

If anyone is already shopping for next year's Christmas gift for me, here is an idea. Thanks to Anthony for pointing this out to me.

ps. Please don't really buy this for me.

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