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I don't care

A short list of things I don't care about. March MadnessAmerican IdolMichael Jackson trialMartha Stewart I don't have anything against people who care about these things, except for the cable network E!. more »


In 1991, with preparations under way for the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the voyage of Columbus, President Bush ordered the liberation of Kuwait from Iraq. He was sent this letter: Dear President Bush. Please send your assistance in… more »


From 1964 to 1972, the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the history of the world made a maximum military effort, with everything short of atomic bombs, to defeat a nationalist revolutionary movement in a tiny, peasant country--and failed (A… more »

Stem Cell Research: The Politics of Principle

Each year, Christians donate time and money to advance the pro-life cause. The Sanctity of Human Life week, stories of personal regret, moral arguments and medical concerns are means of spreading this message. From civil group concern for the unborn… more »

Gator exec appointed to gov't privacy commitee

Adware maker joins federal privacy board | CNET When I first saw this headline I thought it must have come from Sadly, this is for real. The Department of Homeland Security is forming a privacy board and one of the appointees… more »

another quote

Our democracy is but a name. We vote? What does that mean? It means that we choose between two bodies of real, though not avowed, autocrats. We choose between Tweedledum and Tweedledee . . . You ask for votes for women. What good can votes do… more »

A quote

. . . this year is going to be a year of patriotism and devotion to country. I am glad to know that people in every part of the country mean to be devoted to one flag, the glorious Stars and Stripes; that the people of this country mean to maintain the… more »

News from the left

My dad feeds himself a steady diet of conservative talk radio. I keep telling him that he needs more balance, and he said I should send him some links. So I'm looking for some left-leaning news sources that don't go so far as to freak him out. He's… more »

An Unjust War

After an act of violence against us, the President took us to war against a sovereign nation. His proposal was approved easily, since his party controlled both houses of Congress. Many in the opposition party thought the war was unjust and only… more »

School board election update

The school board election is April 5th, 2005. There are three spots open. The candidates are Kellie Case Steve Cooper Jim Hester Monte Johnson Steve Lewis (incumbent) Vanessa Tallman Do they call them candidates because they're candid? We'll… more »

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