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Linux modem

I finally found a modem for my Linux computer (the cheap winmodem in my old PC didn't work). Apparently old-school serial port external modems work best with Linux. more »

Mike Rowe Soft vs. Microsoft

"Since my name is Mike Rowe, I thought it would be funny to add 'soft' to the end of it," said Rowe, a 17-year-old computer geek and Grade 12 student in Victoria, British Columbia. Read more Microsoft doesn't think sounds like a… more »

Wish I was there

This is one of my favorite pictures from the Mars Moblog. I think it could make a cool title banner at the top of this blog. more »

The Answer

I worded the question very carefully so there would be no correct answer. I asked for the name of a person, but the poem was written by a computer program called Ray Kurzweil's Cybernetic Poet. Follow the link to see more poems by the program, and you… more »

Tour my new cabin

This blog has a few features that make it more useful than my livejournal page. At the top of the sidebar on the left I'll be putting links to pages with information and files that I want to make available. Below that are some cool-looking badges that… more »


Welcome to my new blog, hosted by my very generous friend, Brendan. More as I learn how to use it. more »

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