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Podtropolis - torrents for the iPod

I'm surprised it took this long for someone to do this. Podtropolis is a BitTorrent site where all the files can be played on an iPod without bothering with conversion. There's not much content up yet, but the site's new, so that's normal. NBC and… more »

Flight pattern visualization

Flight Patterns - This is a time-lapse view of the entire country, showing each plane in flight as a small dot that leaves a trail. The result is mesmerizing. I was just going to email this link to my dad, a pilot, but I think you might enjoy it,… more »

DVDs on your iPod

iTunes 6 has no way to import a DVD into the library. But I found this guide for ripping a DVD to a format that you can import to iTunes, then sync with the iPod. The same site also has a guide for converting any downloaded video for the iPod using… more »

vPod Speculation

Edit: Looks like the video iPod has been confirmed. They also announced iTunes 6, music videos and tv episodes for sale in the music store and a media center add-on for the iMac. Details are still filtering in, but let's see how it compares to my… more »

Pawn f2 to f4

I've been playing around with Speech Commands in Mac OS X. It's really fun. It has most of the basic commands you need already built in. As soon as I enabled speech commands I could say "switch to Firefox" into my microphone and it would switch… more »

New website:

I've been working on websites for a few businesses and this one went live yesterday: I already run the website for the local newspaper, so when the publisher opened a restaurant, I got the job for its website, too. Wimfield's opened for… more »

Google reader = yawn

Google announced yesterday that they have an online RSS aggregator in their labs. I schlepped on over to to check it out. I was able to import all my feeds in an opml file from Bloglines, which is nice. Google Reader is pretty, but… more »


Writely is a browser-based word processor. You have most of the basic functionality of any desktop work processor, but there's nothing to install. Your work is stored online and you can publish it and collaborate with other Writely users. This might… more »

We Love Katamari

! PS2 We Love Katamari more »

b2evolution plugin: Bookmarklet 2

This plugin is for the upcoming Phoenix version of b2evolution. It does not work in the current verion. But, if you have a pre-alpha copy of b2evolution and you want to try it, installation is easy. Just grab this file, remove the .txt from the… more »

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