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Military equality

Dear President Obama, It's time to end "don't ask, don't tell" and let openly gay people serve in our military. Moral Kombat Lt. Dan Choi, a West Point graduate and Arab linguist who was discharged from the Army National Guard earlier this month for… more »

TMBG @ JJ 2009

We took Emma and a friend to the 2nd annual Jiggle Jam, a children's music festival headlined by They Might Be Giants. TMBG has been one of my favorite bands for over a decade and it's been great to see them expand into children's music. They've… more »

Emma's Latest Movie

I showed Emma how to use iStopMotion. She animated a short film and then we recorded some piano music for the soundtrack. Here's the finished product: LPS Dance Chase more »

Emma's Piano Recital

Emma started piano lessons back in September. She has learned a lot in 8 months. This video is from her recital today: more »