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Chicago trip pictures

We left Indiana one day last week and went to Chicago with my grandparents, sister and cousins. We also met Sara's friend Julie. We saw the Field Museum, Art Institute, Cloud Gate (The Bean), Sears Tower and Navy Pier. It was a very full day and we… more »

Mike's wedding

I spent all of last week in Indiana for my brother's wedding. Here's a short video I made with wedding day highlights. more »

Good advice

Saddam Hussein is a terrible person, he is a threat to his own people. I think his people would be better off with a different leader, but there is this sort of romantic notion that if Saddam Hussein got hit by a bus tomorrow, some Jeffersonian democrat… more »

New phone

I finally broke down and got a cell phone. If anyone wants my number email me. It's Cingular, so if you use that then we can talk for free. I assure you, a conversation with me is not worth paying for. more »

New b2evo out: Digg it

If you have a account, go here and digg this: Possible Wordpress killer: b2evolution 1.8 beta released If you don't have an account, get one! Let's digg this up to the front page so more people can hear about this release. Sorry for the… more »

Sideblog Plugin for b2evolution

Purpose The Sideblog plugin allows you to insert another blog in the sidebar of your skin with simple plugin call. A sidebar blog can be used for brief posts, links, photos or any other list you want arranged chronologically. Installation Requires… more »

Moving on

Today I turned in my resignation at the bank. I'm taking a job with a transportation company doing PHP development. I'm going to be a real live programmer. Over the last few months I've realized two things: 1) I'm spending a good deal of my time at… more »

New Car: Toyota Prius

We got a new Toyota Prius this week. The short story is that we needed something more reliable. Fuel economy is more important all of the time and the Prius gets 55 mpg. If you want to hear the long story, click through to the full post. I'll try to… more »

Introducing Nate

I'm excited to introduce a new blog for No superman is Nate's blog. Nate and I were roommates our freshman year at Truman. He stood up with me in my wedding. He's from Iowa and he came down last weekend to visit us. We had been in… more »