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Multi-player drawing.

Eric Deis - Beauty and Chaos Through Time and Space, which is a fancy name for a bunch of people drawing at the same time. Quite cool, though. (via more » visual aids is a little Department of Homeland Security website that they whipped up to both prepare you for surviving an attack and scare the crap out of you. But they uses pictures throughout the page that can be much more fun if you add some captions.… more »

Estate tax

Mortimer B. Zuckerman, the usually conservative editor-in-chief of US News and World Report, had an editorial this week about the estate tax. In the 2000 campaign Bush talked a lot about getting rid of this "death tax" which he claimed would put family… more » front page

It took me three tries, but I got a story onto the front page. I guess it's ironic that it would be a story about Linux when I'm about to switch to a Mac. But I don't think I'm really giving up on Linux. I'm still going to use it for my… more »

Choosing a Mac

I guess I'm getting a little more serious about this now. Brendon, having made this switch recently, has some ideas for me. I'm thinking that my money might be better spent at a Mac store for a new Mac than on eBay for last year's model. A new Mac… more »

Stock photos

I think I've mentioned Stock Exchange before as a good source of stock photos. Morgue File is another good one. Both are free for non-commercial and commercial use. (via the Daily Sucker) more »

Real or Hoax

Real or Hoax? - Take this quiz and see if you can tell which photos are real and which are faked. My score: 5. (via more »

Choosing an OS, part II

I still haven't really come to terms with the idea of buying a computer. At the moment the thing that looks like the best balance of all my needs is a G4 Powermac. They can be had on eBay for just under $1000. I already have a monitor, so that's no… more »

Choosing an OS

I'm planning on hosting some websites on the server running in my back room at home. If I do that, then I'm going to have to stop using it as my desktop workstation. That means that I'm in the market for a new computer. At the moment I'm really torn… more »

GIMP tutorials

Thanks to StumbleUpon, I found another very cool website: GIMP User Group Tutorials. I've talked about GIMP before. It's a free and open source program that is similar to Photoshop. I've been using it some, but I don't have any real skills with it… more »

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