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MGM v. Grokster

Yesterday hearings began for the Supreme Court case of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios v. Grokster, Ltd. This is a very important case. The movie studio is suing the creator of a peer to peer file sharing network, because the software makes it easy for… more »

Planning a garden

Sara and I are planning to plant a garden this spring. We borrowed my parents' copy of Square Foot Gardening and I've been looking over it. The first chapter talks about how common it is for people to get excited about a garden in the spring and then… more »

Top 5 returns...

Although not in its original sarchastic bent. (We'll save that for next week.) I observed Lent for the first time this year, thanks to our favorite ecumenical friends, Matt and MaryEllen. The details: I decided to give up snacks after dinner, since that… more »

Easter pictures

The Easter gallery is up. Emma had a great time coloring eggs on Saturday afternoon. When we got home from church the eggs and the basket were skattered across the kitchen, every one of them cracked. The cat had jumped on the counter, knocked them… more »

Berry on work

The great question that hovers over this issue, one that we have dealt with mainly by indifference, is the question of what people are for. Is their greatest dignity in unemployment? Is the obsolescence of human beings now our social goal? One would… more »

Berry on competition

I'm not posting this quote from What Are People For? by Wendell Berry because I agree with it. I don't know if I do. But it is thought-provoking and I'd like to hear what everyone thinks. The ideal of competition always implies, and in fact requires… more »

Board games with siblings

Last night when I got home from class Jenny came over and we got online and started a game of Ticket to Ride with Mike in Florida. It's not very often that all three of the siblings get together and do something, so it was a treat. The online version… more »

Themes and skins

Recently I've been having fun customizing the look of computer stuff I use. I downloaded some new themes for my Pocket PC and the mp3 player on my Pocket PC. Firefox has some nice themes. I downloaded a bunch of them, but this is the one that I'm… more »

Flippin' sweet!

Late Show: Top ten signs you may not be the most popular kid in school presented by Napoleon Dynamite. (via Sleepless Nights) more »

Timothy McSweeney strikes again

Clocks Ranked According to the Ease With Which One Can Tell Time From Them (Easiest to Hardest) more »

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