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Uninspired, but important

I'm having a hard time with words right now, so please forgive my uninspired post. After my adolescent ramblings Tuesday night (of which your comments were thoughtful and appreciated), I had a much worse Wednesday. My friend's husband was killed in an… more »

Cole bails to Xanga

If you've been wondering why Cole hasn't been posting much, it may be because he now has a Xanga blog: thecoletrain's Xanga Site. I won't say anything about Xanga, since I can't say much that's nice. There is an RSS feed, if you want it. more »


Can I get a little more cowbell? more »

Mr. T, is that you?

I've always wanted to be somebody. As the great Mr. T once said so eloquently, "Be somebody, or be somebody's fool". And who can argue with that logic? Right now I feel like I am living the latter half of his treatise on life. I wake up every morning… more »

Emma on Daily Souce Code

I knew it would happen someday, but I didn't think she would become famous at 2 years old. Go to, and listen to the latest Daily Source Code podcast. The little girl who says "I listen to the Daily Souce Code every day." Is our very own… more »

Web design, web radio

I've been working on a web site tonight. It's the first site that I'm building for hire. A few people have seen it, and I'm very excited about it. I plan on meeting with the client this week and then I hope to make it (semi-) public. Tonight I also… more »

SpamBayes and BadCopy

Here's a couple of programs that I've found to solve problems at work: Some of the bank officers were getting tons of spam (about 500 a day). Of course, they use Outlook, so I went to the Microsoft site to read up on how to turn on and strengthen… more »

Cool stuff (if you're a geek)

I'll take nerdy odds and ends for $800, Alex . . . The INDUCE Act, which in its earlier forms would have made iPods, TiVo, and probably any computer illegal, appears to be dead for the moment. The act is designed to protect copyright holders, but by… more »

NYT on Stewart

This was in the New York Times yesterday: "Many younger voters are turning to the "The Daily Show" for their news analysis, and are better served there than on much of what purports to be real news on cable." I know that the first part is true, but… more »


This afternoon we carved a jack-o-lantern. It was Emma's first time, and she had fun digging around in the orange goop that lives inside a pumpkin. Check our gallery for more pictures, including face painting and finger painting. more »

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