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Turkey and gravy flavored soda

You can't make this stuff up:Click me more »

workshops, worship and wi-fi

First of all, I'm posting from a St. Louis Bread company. Panera is offering free wi-fi at many of its locations (none in KC yet) for free. I'm sitting in what is basically an easy chair with a cupholder and a little table attached. Here's my take on… more »

Posting from St. Louis

It's 10:38 pm on Thursday and I just left the late-night concert (KJ-52 and 7th Day Slumber) and I'm writing this from an internet kiosk here in the convention center. We had a great train ride in and I got registered here and then we went out to… more »

latest news

We've passed a little cold around our family for the last week.I had a fish die yesterday.I'm still waiting for my PDA.On Thursday morning we're leaving for the National Youth Workers' Convention in St. Louis. We're taking the train again, Emma's… more »

why ebay is cool

I picked up a few books at a library book sale last week. They were fifty cents per hardcover and a quarter for each paperback. I listed a couple on Ebay, just to help defer the cost of my pda. I listed this hardcover book by Robert Heilein for $0.99,… more »

Geeks of the world, unite!

After a week of practice, I'm finally ready to post some audio files of me playing my new accordion. The question is, are you ready to hear them? The answer to that question is "probably not." At any rate, here are two sound clips in mp3 format:Come,… more »

new pda

I settled on the pda I want and I've ordered it. It's a Toshiba e355. It doesn't have wi-fi, but it does have mp3 player, voice recorder and a handsome, bright color screen. More when it arrives. more »

a good day

Yesterday was a fun day. My accodion finally arrived in the mail. I've been playing it some; it's certainly not perfect, but it works well enough for the price I paid (actually I didn't pay for it, it's a Christmas present- thanks Mom!). Maybe I'll… more »

New LookI'm trying out a new look here at the Cabin. If you like it, leave a comment and let me know. If you hate it, leave me a comment with your address and I'll send you an envelope full of toxic,Danny more »


Emma's HalloweenThis Halloween Emma dressed up as Mothra, the giant evil moth who battles Godzilla in Godzilla vs. Mothra (released in Japan as Mosura tai Gojira). In the picture Emma is acting out a scene where Mothra takes a tiger from a cage at the… more »