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This site combines terrible web design with a very unusual business. And you can view it in English and Japanese.

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20 questions against a computer

20Q.net - I know I've talked about this before, but it deserves an update. This computer is getting better. I thought of 'car tire' and it guessed it in 19 tries. And now they've put the game into a handheld device and they're selling it for $14.87.


What are People For?I've exchanged a few emails with a friend about protest and when it's appropriate. I thought I should share this passage from Wendell Berry's What Are People For?.

Much protest is naive; it expects quick, visible improvement and despairs and gives up when such improvement does not come. Protesters who hold out longer have perhaps understood that success is not the proper goal. If protest depended on success, there would be little protest of any durability or significance. History simply affords too little evidence that anyone's individual protest is of any use. Protest that endures, I think, is moved by a hope far more modest than that of public success: namely, the hope of preserving qualities in one's own heart and spirit that would be destroyed by acquiescence (Berry 62).

I'm more optimistic about the potential of protest to bring real change than Berry seems to be here. But, I thought his conclusion about the real value of protest was especially germane to our discussion about war protest.

Network+ Training

Tonight I start my Network+ training. I'll be at Foss Training Center after work for the next two weeks. I'm excited about the class and I've been going through the first few chapters of the textbook.

MP3 player in a cassette

Mobiblu DAH-220I've always liked listening to cassettes, but I hate that you have to place the cassette in a player. I just want to plug my headphones directly into the cassette. Now I can buy the Mobiblue DAH-220 and do that very thing. It's a portable mp3 player shaped like a cassette tape. Listen to it with headphones, or pop it in your tape deck and control it with the stereo controls. Ok, I don't think I would ever want one of these, but it is a cool idea.

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Feeds are live again

If you use Bloglines or something similar to watch for updates on this site, then you probably haven't seen anything for several days. But I have been updating. I made some changes to the brendoman.com robots.txt file to try and keep search engines from spidering the admin area of b2evolution. Little did I know that I was also blocking them from my RSS feeds. So, I basically told the Bloglines indexing bot to go away and never come back. It took a couple of days to catch my mistake and a couple of days after that for the bot to come back, but all is well again.

President's uncle cashes in on Iraq war

William HT BushWilliam H.T. "Bucky" Bush, uncle of the president and youngest brother of former President George H.W. Bush, cashed in ESSI stock options last month with a net value of nearly half a million dollars.

"Uncle Bucky," as he is known to the president, is on the board of the company, which supplies armor and other materials to U.S. troops. The company's stock prices have soared to record heights since before the invasion, benefiting in part from contracts to rapidly refit fleets of military vehicles with extra armor.
(Read the whole story - LA Times)

William Bush still owns over two million dollars worth of stock in Engineered Support Systems Inc. The company claims that having Bush on the board hasn't helped them get any of its lucrative no-bid contracts. Even if that's true, it's worth noting that that a close relative of the president is making a huge profit off of the war that Bush conducted.

Abakt - Open source backup utility for Windows

I've been watching for an open source solution for doing backups in Windows. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like Abakt might fit the bill. Here's a screenshot, and here is the manual.

(via Newsforge)

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