When I was only a zygote
I still remember the time
When there was nothing to know or to think about
Except the sound of my mind
And the sound from outside



In 1844, the Democrats were split
The three nominees for the presidential candidate
Were Martin Van Buren, a former president and an abolitionist
James Buchanan, a moderate
Lewis Cass, a general and expansionist
From Nashville came a dark horse riding up
He was James K. Polk, Napoleon of the Stump

James K. Polk


Jodie Foster held two pair
Bach had three of a kind
Gandhi said, "With my full house,
I will blow your mind!"

Au Contraire


I will date the girl from Venus
Flowers die and so will I
Yes, I will kiss the girl from Venus for science

For Science


It's a long, long rope they use to hang you soon I hope
And I wonder why this hasn't happened
Why why why
And I think about the dirt that I'll be wearing for a shirt
And I hope that I get old before I die

I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die


He wants a shoehorn, the kind with teeth
People should get beat up for stating their beliefs

Shoehorn With Teeth


I like people, they're the ones who can't stand
They're the ones who can't stand
I see smoke signals coming from them
They say "We are out of furniture"

Stand On Your Own Head

TMBG Month

I hereby declare that August is They Might Be Giants month. Let the lyrics of the day commence.

Off to Delaware

I'm leaving early tomorrow for a week of training in Delaware for my new job. Have a good week, see you August 10.

Chicago trip pictures

Chicago skyline from the bean Sara, Danny, dinos From Sears Tower

We left Indiana one day last week and went to Chicago with my grandparents, sister and cousins. We also met Sara's friend Julie. We saw the Field Museum, Art Institute, Cloud Gate (The Bean), Sears Tower and Navy Pier. It was a very full day and we all had a great time. You can check out the pictures in the Chicago Trip photo album.

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