My life for Auir

Last night I played some Starcraft online with Brendon and Tim. A few days before that I was playing with Brendan and Henry. If there's anyone else who want to play with us, then drop me a line and get in on the next game. We should be playing again next Tuesday if not sooner.

Mike's podcast

My brother Mike has started a podcast, which makes four that are hosted here on Here's his first episode, and here's the feed you can use to subscribe to it.


caterpillar   cacoon   butterfly

I caught a catterpillar nibbling on my parsley in my garden. Emma and I put it in a little jar from a bug hunting kit she has and it became our pet for a few days. Then it formed a cocoon and after a few weeks a butterfly came out.

What I just bought

Oh, yes. Temporary tattoo paper for my inkjet printer. Emma gets one or two tattoos a day (part of her potty training), and now I can make some custom ones for her. Homestar Runner tattoo? A picture of her friend? The sky's the limit. I may even have to make a tattoo. If you have any requests, just email me the graphic and I'll put it on one of the pages. podcast returns

Brendan and I recorded a little podcast last night via Skype. It's pretty nerdy, so don't say I didn't warn you.

A glimpse inside the scary mind of Sara

I’m feeling a little introspective tonight…we’ll see where this goes. I’ve been thinking a lot about my character lately—where I’ve come from, what examples of good humans surround me (and have been around me in the past) and about what I’ve done with what I know. I think it all boils down to my reaction to the playground injustice. (You know the story—you are on the playground, minding your own business, some idiot does something stupid and then, there you are, up against the wall for the rest of recess because the teacher decided to punish collectively.)There are two types of people in this world: one type accepts this punishment calmly, realizing that, at one time or another, he or she probably caused an incident resulting in recess grounding and that this is some sort of payback method; the other type screams ‘unfair’ and proceeds to tell the whole story, every minute detail, in order to escape punishment or to somehow render the whole world right again. I’ll let you guess which type I am. (Hint: it’s not the first one.)

If you still don’t have a clue, here’s some more evidence:

I can be a femi-nazi. I get worked up over the most inane things if they are even remotely sexist.

I’m angry. I’ve been working on this for at least 10 years, and it seems to get worse. I just need the emotional release I get from yelling or something. Unfortunately, I always seem to let it go around others.

At least once a week I want to completely submerge myself in a television drama (usually 2 or 3 episodes—thank you TBS—last summer it was Dawson’s; this summer it’s Ed) so that I don’t have to think about how much I suck. Or how much other people suck. Or how little of anything makes sense.

And that’s just three—I think if I thought of more I might have to watch TV all night.

I guess the point is that I think I am stuck in perpetual playground mode, and I’m the little girl everyone loves to hate—the tattletale. What more is a tattletale than someone who thinks her existence is more important than anyone else? The crazy thing is that I’m working so hard to perpetuate an existence for a person that I don’t even like.

By the way, this is Sara, not Danny. Please don’t call him tomorrow and ask if he needs to go to the nuthouse. As for me…you all have come to expect this by now.

NPR explores podcasting

Take this survey and let NPR know if you'd like to listen to some of their content via podcast. I think it would be awesome. At the end of the surver you can volunteer to participate in beta tests of new features.

But I still love technology . . .

I haven't been adding much to this site lately, but I have been doing some fun blogstuff. I volunteered to be a moderator at the b2evolution forums. I'm trying to learn more about this very nice blogging software and I'm answering other users' questions when I can. I want to get familiar with this software (and other database-driven web apps). I found a good book about PHP and MySQL: Build your own Database Driven Website using PHP & MySQL by Kevin Yank. The first four chapters are available for free online. I went through them and learned quite a bit. I used what I learned to write some very simple blog software from scratch. Go ahead and try it out. Click on the admin link at the bottom and submit a post to see how it works. I want to buy that book so I can learn some more, but I need to pass the CompTIA Network+ certification exam before the end of the month. The bank sent me to night classes for two weeks to prepare for this. Starting in July the new exam will replace the old one and I'll have to prepare all over again. So, I'm going to get ready and take the exam. Once I pass it I'm going to get the PHP book as my reward.

Update: If you're interested in my PHP project, then you can find the source code here and here. Feel free to download it and modify it.

World's Tallest Buildings

World's 10 Tallest Buildings - - That list is pretty fun, but the whole site is rather impressive. It's a giant database of skyscrapers and towers and you can create your own lists. I made one showing the tallest 20 buildings, including completed skyscrapers and those still under construction. Or maybe the tallest proposed, built and under-construction churches. If you make a list, post the link in a comment.


Real life liger

Drawing of a ligerReal-life ligerReal life liger - I don't think he has magical powers, but this cross between a lion and a tiger is huge. From the article: "He is three years old, stands 10 feet tall on his hind legs, and weighs about 1,000 lbs. (At maturity he is expected to reach 12 feet in length and weight about 1,250 lbs.)"

This is pretty much my favorite animal.

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