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Emma's New Pet

This summer Emma decided she wanted a lizard. She woke up early one morning, researched the different types online and wrote a page and half research paper which concluded that a bearded dragon would be best for her. She did a couple of pet-sitting jobs and saved some money and then two weeks ago we went and picked it up. Alex is around six inches long now, but he or she (too soon to tell) will grow to two feet. Here's a video we made showing Alex eating crickets, jumping, taking a bath and being held.


Thank’s for sharing, Alex is just way too cool!

Cheryl Ryning [Visitor]• 09/21/11 @ 22:03

Could you tell me please the skin name of your blog? I was not able to find it on b2e site. Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

pokerchiamauomo [Visitor]• 12/02/11 @ 23:41